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Premier Music Publishing Company Limited

Premier Music Publishing Company Limited boasts of a large repertoire of music from the 1960’s down to the 2000’s. Our genre of music ranges from Highlife, Reggae, Apala, Juju, Fuji, Gospel, traditional choral songs, Pop and hip-hop.

We offer rich quality songs for Synchronization on movies, advertising agencies, documentary and copyright permission for covers of songs in our repertoire. We invite Movie producers, researchers, advertising agencies and artistes to take advantage of one of Africa’s richest music repertoire as we go back to original scores of songs that have made Africa proud.

Are you a song writer, producer, composer or an artiste? Do you want to sell or buy lyrics? Do you want a publishing company to handle all your publishing rights? We have good news for you. Premier Music Publishing Company limited is your one stop shop for music publishing worldwide. We provide services ranging from music publishing contract development, music publishing advice and publishing deals.

Let’s make your creativity pay you.

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