Victor Abimbola Olaiya

"3 Decades of Highlife" -


Olaiya is considered to be one of the better trumpet players in Nigeria. His career started out playing a variety of music including waltzes and highlifes. In 1952, Victor decided to form his own band which became known as the Cool Cats. His popularity grew throughout the 1950s and 1960s. He became a night club owner in the ’70s and continued with his music.

Get Victor Olaiya Ringback Tune 

Text  6991906 to  791  for  Trumpet Highlife
Text  6991993 to  791 for  Omolanke
Text  6847992 to  791 for  Mofe mu yan
Text  6847995 to  791  for  Tina mate
Text  6848012 to  791 for  ilu le o
Text  6848013 to  791  for  Moonlight Highlife
Text  6848015 to  791  for  Yabomisa
Text  6848016 to  791  for  Omo pupa
Text  66847986 to  791  for  Aigana



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