Chief Osita Osadebe

"Osondi Owendi" -


Chief Osita Osadebe started his career when he was 23. He played with the Stephen Ameachi Band for awhile, then continued his career with the Central Dance Band. In 1964 he started his own band, Sound makers International. Osadebe spent most of his time playing high-life music; due to this he is considered to be one of the top high-life musicians among. In 1981 he was awarded with a gold disc for the LP Onu Kwulonjo. By the mid-’80s, Osadebe was at the height of his career selling over 700,000 records with his hit album Osondi Owendi.

Get Chief Osita Osadebe Ringback Tune 

Text  6991989  to 791  for  Nke onye diliya
Text  6991950 to  791  for  Enu wa
Text  6847972 to  791 for  Onye kwusie olieonuya
Text  6847973 to  791  for  Egwu amala
Text  6848009 to  791   for  Osita dinma aghadinjo
Text  6848010 to  791  for  Osondi owendi
Text  6848011 to  791  for  Morning star social club
Text  6848014 to  791  for  Makojo
Text  6848017  to  791 for  Agadi nwanyi
Text  6848019 to  791 for  Uwa bu onye meliukeya onaa
Text  6848006 to  791 for  Onye ije anatago
Text  6848007  to  791 for  Odindu nyuliba
Text  6848029  to  791 for  Onu kwube
Text  6847983 to 791 for  Kwue nkeyi
Text  6847984 to 791 for  Onye amanife
Text  6847987 to 791 for  Arum achor nsogbu





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