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Rex Jim Lawson (1935–1971), known as Cardinal Rex, was a singer, trumpeter and bandleader from Kalabari, Nigeria. He became one of the best-known highlifemusicians of the 1960s in Africa when Cardinal and his band dominated Nigeria’s highlife scene,

He was born to Igbo and Kalabari parents in 1935,in New Calabar, Nigeria

He was born to Igbo and Kalabari parents in 1935,in New Calabar, Nigeria

Rex Lawson began his career in Port Harcourt as a bandboy for Lord Eddyson’s Starlight Melody Orchestra. He later played with Sammy Obot, Bobby Benson, Victor Olaiya, Chris Ajilo, and other Ghanaian and Nigerian musicians and bands. His greatest success came as the leader of the Majors Band (also called the Rivers Men in later years); their recorded hits include So ala temeYellow SisiGowon Special, and Jolly Papa.

A highly emotional and deep musician, Lawson was known to weep and shed tears while singing his own songs on stage, notably the haunting So ala teme. The late Sir Maliki Showman, the famous Nigerian tenor saxophonist who played with Rex Lawson, Bobby Benson and Victor Uwaifo, remembers Lawson as always placing music over money. Lawson is famed for his infectious gregariousness, his musical vision, talent, perseverance and individuality. After his death, the The Rivers Men re-established themselves as The Professional Seagulls Dance Band and The Peacocks band.

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